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Trademark Registration in Dubai, UAE

Trademark is all that a distinctive form, names, words, signatures, symbols, pictures, photo elements, shapes, color, collection, a mixture of all that, any sign or a group of signs that are visually conceivable.

In the UAE, Trademark protection is afforded under Federal Law No. 37 of 1992 as amended (UAE Trademark Law). The trademark is all that comprises a distinctive form, names, words, signatures, letters, symbols, figures, addresses, hallmarks , drawings, pictures, inscriptions, packaging, photo elements, shapes , color, collection, a mixture of all of that, any sign or a group of signs that are visually conceivable. Sound may be regarded as a part of the Trademark Registration in the UAE.

Types of Trademark:

  1. Word Marks:– The mark is placed on certain products to distinguish it from the other similar products.
  2. Device Marks: – Logos and labels as well as words in special form are used to distinguish it from the other similar products.
  3. Shape Marks: –The 3-Dimensional shape of a product or packaging can be registered
  4. Collective Trademark:– The mark is used to distinguish the products or services of facilities belonging to a certain entity that has a legal character.
  5. Color Marks:– Sometimes single color or combination of colors can also be registered as a trademark. The catch is that people recognize a certain product or service by its color.
  6. Control and Inception Mark: – Those are the marks owned by legal persons for the sake of controlling and examining the products or services regarding their source or the elements of composition or the method of production and its quality.

Trademark being the identity of a business or corporate entity is a valuable asset. ADAM Global provide guidance and professional advice for safeguarding the trademark of our clients and acquainting them with their rights, privileges and obligations emerging out from the ownership of the trademark. We also offer services such as brand name selection, clearance search, mottos, symbols and packaging.

Our lawyers are efficient with the procedures for registering of trademarks with the relevant authorities within the United Arab Emirates & GCC countries to enforcement of one’s trademark in the court of law. We also provide professional services to individual and corporate bodies in identifying counterfeit products, amicable dispute resolution, enforcement of rights, resolving electronic trade mark matters, arranging franchise, investigation to uncover unlawful practices e.g. unfair competition, breach etc.